How to define credibility of doctors

I got infected with some skin problems and thus consulted a dermatologist. At first glance, they were unable to find the reasons for the problem occurence. However I was prescribed few medicines and ointments to use for a week. Further I was asked to re-visit after a week.

I received emails and messages for my appointment from the clinic which made me feel that perhaps its a good place for cure. I visited them again after a week, this time a Senior doctor consulted me and changed all the earlier medicines. Now I had a good stock of medicines to consume each day. But the saddest part was even this Dr couldn’t find the reasons for my skin problems. For every visit they charge me their consultation fee.

Now the thing which is tickling in my mind is: 1) Are they really not able to cure my problem? 2) Are they intentionally elongating the remedy to call the patient every week, as it brings revenue(They charge their consultation fee every week).

Is it justified to pay the consultation fee on every visit? What is the credibility then, that the Dr will heal u soon? since each visit adds revenue they will certainly want more numbers of repetitive visits. How can a common man like us be able to judge that our problem is really time taking or the Dr is elongating it for business purpose.

It’s time to think and come up with some lucid answers.


A thought on Thoughts…

Thoughts are an undefined stuff of life. They never live you alone, while you sleep they accompany as dreams, when you are awake they are always in your mind. Be it in good, bad or any flavour, they never leave you.

It’s really amazing, sometimes they come with memories of decade back incidences, sometimes of last few hours (seems either they are confused or moody :p).I don’t know whether I’m able to convey what i want to,or this makes no sense at all.

But sometimes its good to live in thoughts, atleast it gives you power as a decision maker.They make you realize your faults, at the same time gives a sense of pride for all your good deeds (indeed they are the best critic.)

You are being appreciated among masses because of your thought process, unfortunately you are being criticized too for the same.They exists in different forms : colourful,dark,memorable,disastrous.”Till you are alive you carry them, when you are no more, you reside in others thoughts”.

Now here comes a tsunami of thoughts in my mind, along with a 70mm smile on my face. Seriously, I believe, sometimes you should analyze yourselves through your thoughts, trust me they are your best mentors.

Well, don’t live in thoughts, live in real world but make thoughts live in you always 🙂

Best Wishes!

Neha Singh

Efforts in Disguise

when I stepped in the house i realized how late it was. Rounds of meetings whole day, along with chunks of files to prepare and upload, in a nutshell a hellstruck day at office.Daily stretch at work,putting whole hearted effort,try to learn and deliver more is all about my current professonal life.

We had gained a good momentum in market in the very initial phase, and I was happy expecting to receive some appreciations. But to my surprise, someone else stealed the show and flew away with all the credits.

I was miserably amazed. what an unfortunate scenario,I felt like a fool.

But this is corporate politics,what all glitters is gold.

The old proverb holds no truth now.

My honesty paid nothing, The lickers have a smoother path to move and grow. But sorry,I will always choose to be a slow pacer than being a grease full mouth.

I believe in myself and don’t feel any urge to prove my talent.I know it will outshine again and very soon.

I am seeing rather experiencing many new things daily at workplace, different people, different thoughts, conflicts of ideas, blame games,relaxing giggles. Oh! sometimes I laugh hard inside.

well I wrote this because I wanted to imagine a scenario, somehow relevant, not a real but fictional.

Anyways, Yes it brings hell out of me when my best efforts are ignored and credited to others. I don’t do charity work at office. If you can’t appreciate my good things, you hold no right to criticize my bad things(which hardly occurs).

Have a nice weekend!


Neha Singh

The most awaited tango spicy State of Affairs everyone comes across atleast once

Suddenly we are expected to be highly social, a good networker, a good communicator, a good cook, a machine which is like manufactured to keep others happy, a recorder who can hold everyone’s orders and execute without delay.

And of course an ATM machine who can generate good revenue for the would be family.
well I am not writing anything in frustration, rather its an illustration of our society’s trends.
The above functionalities are a brief description of what is believed to be inculcated in a To be Bride.
The girl who prefers to sleep till late morning, runs to office in heels, eats anything that suits her mood not a typical diet chart, she laughs loud on calls with friends, loves music anytime, and put whatever she finds herself pretty in; is all of a sudden expected to drap herself in pre defined dresses to impress relatives, is supposed to cook finger licking dishes with numerous varieties in the Menu.
Moreover she should not spend more time on phone calls, should cut down her sleeping hours, sun may be late not You,haven’t you studied “early to rise” :p, and music, omg!! don’t even think to try that.
What an Irony!! I can’t stop laughing.
Why we create so much fuss? why the better half is always expected to clear all the litmus tests.
Why can’t she live without pretending?
Marriage makes you learn adaptations, after all Change is the only thing constant in Life.
Well!! Good things may have bad packaging, lets discuss the later part.
Lots of shopping. After all you are going to steal the show! The center of attraction for every visitor, your dress color to nail paints becomes the point of discussion.
Marriage after all the most engrossing event of once life.
But in our society, the bride is expected to be a full fledged matured person with extraordinary talents and her welcome’s warmth somehow is proportionate to the Revenue she brought along.
But whatever, its a complicated matter, highly engrossing. May take hours to discuss and still will end up without any conclusion.
So I as an Infant should not burn my fingers writing so such a highly inflammable stuff.
Just read it to enjoy and help me if you understand anything out of it :p

A Chanting Evening

Saturday,Weekend,The day we eagerly wait for. This Time it was going to be much more exciting one.

After Long wait,a famous singer was visiting our city for his Live Concert.Actually it was scheduled for the earlier week,But Stars are Stars.He postponed and added to our wait.The organizers provided us with an option of refund.But,who actually wants to miss out the latest Music sensation? Atleast NOT ME. I love music along with Singers 😉

In recent times he has become one of my favorites.I love all his numbers,you can caught me humming his songs or check out my playlist,I assure you, you won’t be missing out on any of his tunes.

Fun always comes in surprise packages. As the concert was postponed with a week, I found it colliding with the Alumni meet event of my ALMA MATER. I had a thought to meet my batch mates (Though I wasn’t sure enough :p).

But I could not afford to miss out the show as It was not just a show for me.

My sister has booked tickets a month in prior and she was very happy and joyful to make some moves together in a Live concert, and that was more than enough for me. I need not look for any other reason rather than seeing her happy.

Finally the day came,We reached the venue bit late,but as expected stars are always shining being on much higher side.

He made his appearance with a delay of 2 hours, but its okay as we were entertained by the DJ’s.

In a glimpse his vocal set the stage on fire. People went Crazy including me.

They know our central nervous system the best.In a few minutes the whole crowd was swimming with the flow of music.

2 hours passed away like couple of moments,the show was over. But it gave me one wonderful evening with my dearest sister.We had a long drive together in the night, sharing giggles,and exchanging the silly jokes we heard in the crowd and all the connotations.

I will surely cherish this and we both will be recalling at our older age discussions!!!!….


I want to see the changing world

I come across many different situations in day to day life.Some makes me happy,some let the mood go upset, some comes as an experience,some are yet to learn and understand.Things are changing,Society is changing,we are changing,But I am the same.A girl with tougher look for outside world but with softness inside.Watching little children playing on the streets make me feel happy,on the contrary watching those same children being exploited,running in traffic carrying toys for sale makes me think of the real scenario.On one way we have reached to Mars,But on the other we are still incapable to feed the little hungry stomachs who spend their life on the footpath.

Ruckus is spread everywhere,either I go for a job Interview or to board a bus.

Though I find myself fortunate enough to grab a place for self either in career or while commuting.The world is busy succeeding in the rat race,I am also not an exception.But honestly,few things touch my soul.

I think back of the days when we were not materialistic, rather more realistic.But gone are the days.

I am lucky enough to experience the diversities,and sure will get to observe much more in coming years.


Ups and Downs

Very recently my company decided to close the branch operating in my city,relocation to other city branch was the only option given. I by no means wanted to relocate.It would take around a month for the company to execute their plan. I started a headhunt,tried to turn almost every stone to get the correct path.Got calls from a few big names too where instead of clearing all the rounds I could not make to hold the offer letter as they say I have hopped jobs very frequently. I wanted to ask, why don’t you see the other aspect? I mean instead of unstable profile I had premier companies on my profile. Though I don’t get much disappointed now while job search because I know getting a job is no more a big deal now, but yeah,getting a job as per I desire is bit tedious.I won’t be sitting idle as have grabbed two job offers.

Life is making me stronger, the more number of interviews I am attending the more my confidence and self esteem is rising.

Hope to get work satisfaction and stability in my new association.

Good Luck!!!