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Memories lasts forever!!!

Its so mesmerizing while swimming in pool of memories. The good ones, the ugly ones, whatever they were, they are precious now. We can’t go back to that time but we can certainly cherish them, forever.

Countless memories, no right words to describe them. Love them, all.

What comes in your mind if you are asked about your best memory to share?

There are tsunami of thoughts. From the zeal of first day at school, first picnic, first notebook, pencil, crayons, first friend, first visit to grandparents place, first crush, first kiss, first job, first day at work and so on….

I have lived the major half of my life and it has been a great journey, kudos to all who are or were a part of it. No special mentions here, don’t want to be biased 😉

There were days when I felt as the happiest person on earth, then there have been few phases which drowned you in pool of tears. Some times it was lack of maturity, sometimes it was excellent display of understanding. None can be perfect, neither was/am I. Everyone loves attention, until it invades your privacy (of-course). But, how about loneliness? Nobody wants to be friends with loneliness. As it brings boredom and at times sorrow too. Though, either you wish or don’t, you will  come across it at some or other stage of your life.

It feels so good watching people around you prospering in their life. But it’s a pain when you see yourself as a loner in that crowd.

Just imagine, you have none to talk or visit. We all share our thoughts (happiness/anger/whatever) with somebody. But what if that somebody isn’t with you anymore. It’s deadly to imagine what you have nobody at your side.

So make yourself visible and heard to all. Make memories full of colors and sounds so that it resonates beautifully to others and yourself too.

Take care & do remember me until my next post 🙂

With love



Its all about YOU

Ever wondered, how time flies in an eye-blink. Seems the story happened yesterday. Though, its more than two years. The quantity of life is increasing on right side and decreasing on left side, you know what I meant here 😉

A monotonous schedule or a happening phase, both will fade away. What will remain with you  is YOU and the memories. The one in which you were laughing will now make you cry and vice versa. The world is changing like never before. Human is also like a technology now a days. You have to keep yourself updated else you will be dumped being valueless.

Everyone is a saint when it comes in preaching others but when comes to following those rules most of them are monsters. That’s universal truth. It’s human tendency we expect too much from others but never bother to take a self initiative, i guess its inevitable 😀

The air of new world is now filled with pollution and music. Foods are focused on being lower calorie value, and high market value (Example – Extra virgin olive oil) hahahaha..

So guys, let’s swim with the tide. We have miles to go.

With Love <3<3<3


A random day of life

With a tick tock in the clock, my eyes opened at 6:45 AM. Thoughts rushed in to the brain making an itinerary for the day. But Brain decided to sleep for next few more minutes. It was a Tuesday morning and the schedule was like any other business days. Day get started, food was packed, and I headed to office. On the way, I keep myself busy going through the recent news, Facebook feeds and music (of course). The news gives me a thought that half of the country’s population has yet not evolved from the stone age era. Some goons or as they say “Followers” of a tricky Baba has created violence in one part of the country, with a toll of more than 40 lives. A suspicious game “The Blue Whale Challenge” is trapping the teenagers and abetting them for suicide. Triple talaq petitioner’s child gone missing, new verdict by apex court on marital rape.There were numerous such news I wanted to read thoroughly to understand Is the society I am leaving really so messed up. But, i had tilted the entrance gate of my work bay and it was time for interaction with my Japanese and Korean clients. As the clocked moved, more foot falls started on the floor.

Suddenly an email arrived which hold my attention. I double read the sender’s name to be sure on the thought which had just arrived in my mind. And unfortunately, it was true. One of my favorite colleague was moving on. Not just because he received a better offer from somewhere, but with the fact that he was hurt deep inside with some management’s decisions. Well, corporate politics, it is indispensable in any organization. Where there are people, there will be agreements and disagreements. Few win, few accommodate, few succumbs. Its YOU who have to choose for yourself. In the adieu ceremony I got a luck to meet few of my old colleagues with whom I am friends as well. Its been a journey of more than thirty months, but nothing has changed except our seating locations.

Anyways, as the day moved forward, I got indulged in my work and some secret talks over Whatsapp (with a identity not to be revealed at this moment :p). I was done with exhaustive works and headed back to my home. Again same habit which i follow in the morning. This time, i was reading people’s comments over the incidents i just mentioned above. Some sounded sensible and were trollers, for some I can say what the hell are you doing on this planet, you better go to Jupiter and spread your garbage there.

After reaching back to my flat, again i was following my routine. Dinner preparation, phone call with my family members. When You are a young girl, living away from home, family gives you a comfort and some happy moments, though at times it turns out to be bit unhappy (with any XYZ reason).

While going off to sleep, i take a flashback of entire day and realize one thing, one common thing, which i notice daily, every thing is defined, you just have to select and follow.

Its you who define yourself. Be YOU, always 🙂






Arrange marriages!!!

Monsoon season has arrived and thus the discussions on marriages are also spilling everywhere just like the raindrops!!!

An Indian girl, earning a decent salary maintaining a good standard of living than the country’s average, climbing up in corporate life. But, Alas! until and unless she isn’t married, her success holds not much of value. So here comes the chants of marriage prospects and her wedding. The most vigil person is her mother who keeps thousands of criteria for a guy to qualify for her. On the contrary, her father is OK with any. Now, starts the real scene.

Random meetings with guys, observing them over a cup of coffee and veg burger, doesn’t makes much sense to girl. But, after all this is how arranged marriages are. After the snacks are done, smiles are exchanged, it’s time for the next steps. Sometimes the decisions are instant, sometimes it goes for weeks just like court cases.

There are few cases too, where the bride side rejects the prospects but it’s bit challenging to get a good riddance from the desperate persons. Finally, after all those random meetings, thousands of phone calls, whats-app messages, the story is concluded.

It’s kind of different – arrange marriages. Anyways, let’s see how it goes{Mine – yet to be written 😉 }….Will come back to yourself with a spicy story, soon.

With Love,


A Confused state of mind

Sitting with a cup of coffee in the balcony, watching the sun rays getting hotter with added brightness. Birds chirping around, one of the favorite track coming on radio. A regular Sunday morning, which wasn’t any regular anymore.

Life has taken a leap ahead. Seems she has seen it all, from dawn to dusk. (Hold on! may be it’s just an emotional outburst). Sometimes, when you are connected to someone to such an extent that even a thought of that person moving on, cracks you badly. But, this was a fact now. From college friends to best friends forever, it was a beautiful journey.

They were so closely knitted that even after a rigorous fight they will come back to each other only, either to allege who was culprit or to take the blames. They have been together in their best and worst since college days. And how to describe their chats, it started with a few minutes conversation to a gigantic decade one.

There personal meetings were more of like a corporate meeting. Decided on fortnight or monthly basis, that too after being choosy regarding ambience. Nevertheless, the virtual world kept them connected always. (Thanks to GTalk and Whatsapp).

Their day started with gm texts which was followed with all major activities, reaching office, any happening at work, reaching back home, food, GN. And needless to say, some fights as well (with no reason, obviously).

They both were addicted and accustomed to this routine. Now, after years it was the time for some different flavour in life. One of them got inclined to someone else for future life / soulmate, in a nutshell “Marriage”. Though, they both were very clear that they are only “best friends forever”. Still, such a sudden situation ( which truly wasn’t sudden) become difficult in this friendship. Perhaps, it was the girl’s insecurity that she is losing on her friend. But, fact was that the guy was only moving ahead in his personal life to make a family, without leaving anyone. But, it was hard for the girl to understand. The guy was happy with his decision and claimed to his bff that he is glad on his decision and believes it to be a right decision. No mention, it hurted the girl a lot.

Neither she was ready to marry this guy, nor was happy seeing him marrying some other lady. She was in a confused state and started loving sad songs, old chats, photos and all memories.

Now, here’s the day when the guy is happily married with a beautiful and loving counterpart. And the girl? She was a fool, who failed to make a balancing act. The guy was a gem and promised her to be there for herself, always as her “Best Friend Forever”. Such girls must understand and respect what friendship is and what love is. There exists a thin marginal line between both, which certainly matters a lot.

Relationships are a beautiful thread which crafts the design of life. Always embrace what you have, rather than regretting what you lose.  As someone has rightly quoted “Change is the only thing constant in life”.

“You Live Only Once”. So have a life full of positive thoughts!!!



Life is all about bla bla bla

Whatever we do, we always get a feedback (be it positive or negative). Since day 1, when we arrive in this world, comments start chasing us. The most excited aunts forecasts our future and looks (She looks like her mom/dad/granny..) when even our eyes and nose are hardly visible :p

In childhood we are taught about science and morals, manners, values. As we start understanding those meanings, our infancy is gone. Then comes the most complicated phase: Teenage. Where we are again advised to focus on studies, building a foundation for bright future. Several examples of our relatives/neighbors are being quoted who have already excelled in their careers setting some benchmark with the magical figures in their report card. At the same time we have somehow managed to create our own world. Imaginations and friends rule our world.

Next is the ‘Survival of the fittest’ phase: Adulthood. You HAVE to have a job, marriage, and other responsibilities. Here you learn all the basics of life. Automatically you learn tolerance and patience (Mostly for working people :p). We cannot argue with our bosses every now and then, like the way we do with our spouses. However, situation is similar at both the fronts. You are not the culprit, still you are accused.

Next is Old age, where we start sharing our long deposit knowledge to rest of society and surrounding. No matter which phase you belong to, it’s all about perceptions and suggestions. Few leads to arguments, few to settlements.

So keep enjoying your life with all the bla bla bla bla bla….






Finally 2016 is here. We have stepped in a new year with new hopes and expectations. Before moving ahead, let’s have a look back on 2015.

Overall it was a wonderful year, adding many new stories in my life. One of the happiest event- my sister’s wedding marked this year as memorable one. Many of my close friends too got married the same year. My college roommates, my MBA batch-mates and other few relatives too belongs to same list. My mom’s second visit to Pune, new job, new colleagues, highs and lows,and many interesting (boring too :p) chapters got added in my life’s diary.

I hope the new year 2016 will bring luck, health and wealth to all of us. Enjoy life 🙂