Arrange marriages!!!

Monsoon season has arrived and thus the discussions on marriages are also spilling everywhere just like the raindrops!!!

An Indian girl, earning a decent salary maintaining a good standard of living than the country’s average, climbing up in corporate life. But, Alas! until and unless she isn’t married, her success holds not much of value. So here comes the chants of marriage prospects and her wedding. The most vigil person is her mother who keeps thousands of criteria for a guy to qualify for her. On the contrary, her father is OK with any. Now, starts the real scene.

Random meetings with guys, observing them over a cup of coffee and veg burger, doesn’t makes much sense to girl. But, after all this is how arranged marriages are. After the snacks are done, smiles are exchanged, it’s time for the next steps. Sometimes the decisions are instant, sometimes it goes for weeks just like court cases.

There are few cases too, where the bride side rejects the prospects but it’s bit challenging to get a good riddance from the desperate persons. Finally, after all those random meetings, thousands of phone calls, whats-app messages, the story is concluded.

It’s kind of different – arrange marriages. Anyways, let’s see how it goes{Mine – yet to be written 😉 }….Will come back to yourself with a spicy story, soon.

With Love,



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