A Confused state of mind

Sitting with a cup of coffee in the balcony, watching the sun rays getting hotter with added brightness. Birds chirping around, one of the favorite track coming on radio. A regular Sunday morning, which wasn’t any regular anymore.

Life has taken a leap ahead. Seems she has seen it all, from dawn to dusk. (Hold on! may be it’s just an emotional outburst). Sometimes, when you are connected to someone to such an extent that even a thought of that person moving on, cracks you badly. But, this was a fact now. From college friends to best friends forever, it was a beautiful journey.

They were so closely knitted that even after a rigorous fight they will come back to each other only, either to allege who was culprit or to take the blames. They have been together in their best and worst since college days. And how to describe their chats, it started with a few minutes conversation to a gigantic decade one.

There personal meetings were more of like a corporate meeting. Decided on fortnight or monthly basis, that too after being choosy regarding ambience. Nevertheless, the virtual world kept them connected always. (Thanks to GTalk and Whatsapp).

Their day started with gm texts which was followed with all major activities, reaching office, any happening at work, reaching back home, food, GN. And needless to say, some fights as well (with no reason, obviously).

They both were addicted and accustomed to this routine. Now, after years it was the time for some different flavour in life. One of them got inclined to someone else for future life / soulmate, in a nutshell “Marriage”. Though, they both were very clear that they are only “best friends forever”. Still, such a sudden situation ( which truly wasn’t sudden) become difficult in this friendship. Perhaps, it was the girl’s insecurity that she is losing on her friend. But, fact was that the guy was only moving ahead in his personal life to make a family, without leaving anyone. But, it was hard for the girl to understand. The guy was happy with his decision and claimed to his bff that he is glad on his decision and believes it to be a right decision. No mention, it hurted the girl a lot.

Neither she was ready to marry this guy, nor was happy seeing him marrying some other lady. She was in a confused state and started loving sad songs, old chats, photos and all memories.

Now, here’s the day when the guy is happily married with a beautiful and loving counterpart. And the girl? She was a fool, who failed to make a balancing act. The guy was a gem and promised her to be there for herself, always as her “Best Friend Forever”. Such girls must understand and respect what friendship is and what love is. There exists a thin marginal line between both, which certainly matters a lot.

Relationships are a beautiful thread which crafts the design of life. Always embrace what you have, rather than regretting what you lose.  As someone has rightly quoted “Change is the only thing constant in life”.

“You Live Only Once”. So have a life full of positive thoughts!!!




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