Life is all about bla bla bla

Whatever we do, we always get a feedback (be it positive or negative). Since day 1, when we arrive in this world, comments start chasing us. The most excited aunts forecasts our future and looks (She looks like her mom/dad/granny..) when even our eyes and nose are hardly visible :p

In childhood we are taught about science and morals, manners, values. As we start understanding those meanings, our infancy is gone. Then comes the most complicated phase: Teenage. Where we are again advised to focus on studies, building a foundation for bright future. Several examples of our relatives/neighbors are being quoted who have already excelled in their careers setting some benchmark with the magical figures in their report card. At the same time we have somehow managed to create our own world. Imaginations and friends rule our world.

Next is the ‘Survival of the fittest’ phase: Adulthood. You HAVE to have a job, marriage, and other responsibilities. Here you learn all the basics of life. Automatically you learn tolerance and patience (Mostly for working people :p). We cannot argue with our bosses every now and then, like the way we do with our spouses. However, situation is similar at both the fronts. You are not the culprit, still you are accused.

Next is Old age, where we start sharing our long deposit knowledge to rest of society and surrounding. No matter which phase you belong to, it’s all about perceptions and suggestions. Few leads to arguments, few to settlements.

So keep enjoying your life with all the bla bla bla bla bla….







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