How to define credibility of doctors

I got infected with some skin problems and thus consulted a dermatologist. At first glance, they were unable to find the reasons for the problem occurence. However I was prescribed few medicines and ointments to use for a week. Further I was asked to re-visit after a week.

I received emails and messages for my appointment from the clinic which made me feel that perhaps its a good place for cure. I visited them again after a week, this time a Senior doctor consulted me and changed all the earlier medicines. Now I had a good stock of medicines to consume each day. But the saddest part was even this Dr couldn’t find the reasons for my skin problems. For every visit they charge me their consultation fee.

Now the thing which is tickling in my mind is: 1) Are they really not able to cure my problem? 2) Are they intentionally elongating the remedy to call the patient every week, as it brings revenue(They charge their consultation fee every week).

Is it justified to pay the consultation fee on every visit? What is the credibility then, that the Dr will heal u soon? since each visit adds revenue they will certainly want more numbers of repetitive visits. How can a common man like us be able to judge that our problem is really time taking or the Dr is elongating it for business purpose.

It’s time to think and come up with some lucid answers.


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