A thought on Thoughts…

Thoughts are an undefined stuff of life. They never live you alone, while you sleep they accompany as dreams, when you are awake they are always in your mind. Be it in good, bad or any flavour, they never leave you.

It’s really amazing, sometimes they come with memories of decade back incidences, sometimes of last few hours (seems either they are confused or moody :p).I don’t know whether I’m able to convey what i want to,or this makes no sense at all.

But sometimes its good to live in thoughts, atleast it gives you power as a decision maker.They make you realize your faults, at the same time gives a sense of pride for all your good deeds (indeed they are the best critic.)

You are being appreciated among masses because of your thought process, unfortunately you are being criticized too for the same.They exists in different forms : colourful,dark,memorable,disastrous.”Till you are alive you carry them, when you are no more, you reside in others thoughts”.

Now here comes a tsunami of thoughts in my mind, along with a 70mm smile on my face. Seriously, I believe, sometimes you should analyze yourselves through your thoughts, trust me they are your best mentors.

Well, don’t live in thoughts, live in real world but make thoughts live in you always 🙂

Best Wishes!

Neha Singh


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