Efforts in Disguise

when I stepped in the house i realized how late it was. Rounds of meetings whole day, along with chunks of files to prepare and upload, in a nutshell a hellstruck day at office.Daily stretch at work,putting whole hearted effort,try to learn and deliver more is all about my current professonal life.

We had gained a good momentum in market in the very initial phase, and I was happy expecting to receive some appreciations. But to my surprise, someone else stealed the show and flew away with all the credits.

I was miserably amazed. what an unfortunate scenario,I felt like a fool.

But this is corporate politics,what all glitters is gold.

The old proverb holds no truth now.

My honesty paid nothing, The lickers have a smoother path to move and grow. But sorry,I will always choose to be a slow pacer than being a grease full mouth.

I believe in myself and don’t feel any urge to prove my talent.I know it will outshine again and very soon.

I am seeing rather experiencing many new things daily at workplace, different people, different thoughts, conflicts of ideas, blame games,relaxing giggles. Oh! sometimes I laugh hard inside.

well I wrote this because I wanted to imagine a scenario, somehow relevant, not a real but fictional.

Anyways, Yes it brings hell out of me when my best efforts are ignored and credited to others. I don’t do charity work at office. If you can’t appreciate my good things, you hold no right to criticize my bad things(which hardly occurs).

Have a nice weekend!


Neha Singh


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