A Chanting Evening

Saturday,Weekend,The day we eagerly wait for. This Time it was going to be much more exciting one.

After Long wait,a famous singer was visiting our city for his Live Concert.Actually it was scheduled for the earlier week,But Stars are Stars.He postponed and added to our wait.The organizers provided us with an option of refund.But,who actually wants to miss out the latest Music sensation? Atleast NOT ME. I love music along with Singers 😉

In recent times he has become one of my favorites.I love all his numbers,you can caught me humming his songs or check out my playlist,I assure you, you won’t be missing out on any of his tunes.

Fun always comes in surprise packages. As the concert was postponed with a week, I found it colliding with the Alumni meet event of my ALMA MATER. I had a thought to meet my batch mates (Though I wasn’t sure enough :p).

But I could not afford to miss out the show as It was not just a show for me.

My sister has booked tickets a month in prior and she was very happy and joyful to make some moves together in a Live concert, and that was more than enough for me. I need not look for any other reason rather than seeing her happy.

Finally the day came,We reached the venue bit late,but as expected stars are always shining being on much higher side.

He made his appearance with a delay of 2 hours, but its okay as we were entertained by the DJ’s.

In a glimpse his vocal set the stage on fire. People went Crazy including me.

They know our central nervous system the best.In a few minutes the whole crowd was swimming with the flow of music.

2 hours passed away like couple of moments,the show was over. But it gave me one wonderful evening with my dearest sister.We had a long drive together in the night, sharing giggles,and exchanging the silly jokes we heard in the crowd and all the connotations.

I will surely cherish this and we both will be recalling at our older age discussions!!!!….



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