I want to see the changing world

I come across many different situations in day to day life.Some makes me happy,some let the mood go upset, some comes as an experience,some are yet to learn and understand.Things are changing,Society is changing,we are changing,But I am the same.A girl with tougher look for outside world but with softness inside.Watching little children playing on the streets make me feel happy,on the contrary watching those same children being exploited,running in traffic carrying toys for sale makes me think of the real scenario.On one way we have reached to Mars,But on the other we are still incapable to feed the little hungry stomachs who spend their life on the footpath.

Ruckus is spread everywhere,either I go for a job Interview or to board a bus.

Though I find myself fortunate enough to grab a place for self either in career or while commuting.The world is busy succeeding in the rat race,I am also not an exception.But honestly,few things touch my soul.

I think back of the days when we were not materialistic, rather more realistic.But gone are the days.

I am lucky enough to experience the diversities,and sure will get to observe much more in coming years.



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