Ups and Downs

Very recently my company decided to close the branch operating in my city,relocation to other city branch was the only option given. I by no means wanted to relocate.It would take around a month for the company to execute their plan. I started a headhunt,tried to turn almost every stone to get the correct path.Got calls from a few big names too where instead of clearing all the rounds I could not make to hold the offer letter as they say I have hopped jobs very frequently. I wanted to ask, why don’t you see the other aspect? I mean instead of unstable profile I had premier companies on my profile. Though I don’t get much disappointed now while job search because I know getting a job is no more a big deal now, but yeah,getting a job as per I desire is bit tedious.I won’t be sitting idle as have grabbed two job offers.

Life is making me stronger, the more number of interviews I am attending the more my confidence and self esteem is rising.

Hope to get work satisfaction and stability in my new association.

Good Luck!!!


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