Raise your Voice

The proverb is so apt in today’s environment. I live faraway from my home town due to job and career.But good things always comes with a cost so is this city. I have spent 4 great years of my life here,completed my MBA & started the professional life,its the city which gave me bread and butter,but certain unpleasant experiences too.A recent one I have shared with you.One fine day I  took a cab while returning from office to reach home early otherwise their is no certain time of buses in the city I live. The cab driver seemed little malicious after we have covered few kms distance. He adjusted the rear view mirror and tried to start a conversation. I too bluntly made few replies.As my dropping point came I asked to stop on the roadside,but to my  surprise,he ignored and accelerated even more. I realized the need of the hour,raised my voice and roared like a lion which worked.He looked back & confirmed what I shouted.I boarded off,and started walking on footpath,it was drizzling.Adding a five hundred meters walk into my daily schedule I reached my home.

If you have to travel in city buses,make yourself prepared just like a spider.You are likely to travel sticking to dozens of people or hanging yourself to the door.If lucky,You may get a seat to sit,but if your boarding point is on half way only,then you are less fortunate as you have to struggle to make space to reach the exit door.

I wonder how these scenarios can be changed? Not everyone can afford hiring a private taxi daily,public transport is indispensable and so is the travelling need.

I want the government or any private entity to take interest and make a easy ride for persons here.



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