An Unread Thought

How do you feel when you desire for something,expect from someone,but Can’t express through words. we expect the person to understand us,to fulfill what we want,to surprise us with our likes. But let’s pause for a moment,take our eyes and mind off the screen,Think deeply. Does something clicked in your head? well NO,if you did not thought, & obviously YES if you did.

Isn’t it strange. How can we expect unspoken words to get heard,do we read other’s mind,(May be occasionally). But why to complicate things. If we simply want our desires to come true,we have been blessed with many options to communicate. why not to use them instead feeling low inside. If you go to a food store or any retail mart,does the shopkeeper simply gives you the items you have planned to buy?(Certainly not). There you have to be specific and select your items or tell your requirements. The same funda is in our personal life too.Share yourself,your thoughts,your ideas,It will make a better life (try it out one fine day). well I am not a philospher,just a simple lady who watches the world with open eyes,& make herself heard to the person she speaks.

Well surprising someone is a pleasant thing. But its an art,good to learn,if you don’t then learn to speak


One thought on “An Unread Thought

  1. Good one Neha..continue to express yourself and make yourself heard..without being able to communicate clearly and to expect people to ‘get you’ is foolishness…keep them coming.

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